Monday, May 25, 2009


Currently it's a quarter after three in the morning here in scenic Chamberlain/Oacoma. I'm sitting behind the front desk at a slightly prestegious hotel and resort, awaiting for the magic hour of seven o'clock to roll around. Sleeping sounds like a lot of fun right now, but I'd say the biggest draw to get home would be not having to deal with Michael anymore. He's the porter on duty with me tonight, and he's a bit annoying. Mainly because I am deaf, and would have trouble discerning his accent even if he was speaking loud enough for me to hear him at all (which he isn't). While I am writing this post, I am nodding slowly and saying, "Yes, sure, yeah," a bunch of times hoping those are the right things to respond with to whatever the hell it is he's saying. I have informed him of my hearing loss, and reminded him too. He just seems to have confidence issues and doesn't speak much louder than a murmur. Sunlight is a long ways away.

Doc out.

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