Friday, May 22, 2009

Creation of Evolution

The debate is long standing, do you believe in creationism or evolution? Personally, my view on the matter is this: What's so wrong with both?

I believe in God, and the fact is that whether or not the bible says it or not, we can date fossils of bipedal man back before the bible says Adam and Eve were created. So what gives? Who's wrong? Who's to say anyone is? God created a galaxy and a solar system so vast and diverse that the million different pulls of gravity, and the million different alignments allow for life on this solitary rock. It worked out perfectly for this. If he could do that, then I have to admit that he probably could have created a creature so diverse that all of the little pulls of nature and its environment could cause it to change over a vast amount of time into what we now call homo-sapien.

Basically, if Charles Darwin was smart enough to think of this, why wouldn't God be?

Maybe God understood that to give man the experience he (and she) would need to survive in the world he created they would need time to develop the instincts they would use to keep themselves alive. Maybe he knew the evolutionary process was necessary, but decided that we didn't need to understand it until we were smart enough to. Quite possibly, God created the foundation for man long before Adam and Eve, and merely perfected it with them. If you ask, "God can do anything, why not just make them the way the bible says they were?" Why did God not just make it so the souls of men could escape limbo without the death of his son? Anything worth doing is worth doing right. That's not to say that this is factual, its merely a theory, but it's one that helps explain evolution in God's plan. We are finally able to grasp the concept, tens of thousands of years later...and we the creationists may just be missing the big picture all because it's not recorded in the big book. There are a lot of lifes mysteries not recorded in the big book, but we see them every day and accept them for fact, why not this?

As far as the Evolutionists go, the only thing I have to say to them is this. As stated above, the universe, and the evolutionary cycle are a very diverse bunch. And as stated previously, if Charles Darwin was smart enough to think up evolution then I'm sure the all powerful God probably thought of it first. The concepts of evolution and even the universes complexity are just too precise and perfect to think that they just happened by chance and were not designed that way.

Doc out.

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