Monday, May 25, 2009

Movies and Maps!

First off, I got an email from a reader who wanted me to put a link in my blog to his website. It's a tourist info site for the city of London, and after looking it over myself, I will definitely admit that it's pretty neat. It gives you a Google style map of the city, with certain historical landmarks marked directly on their corresponding location on the map. The coolest part is that you can click on these landmarks, and an audio file describing the landmark will start playing, giving you a brief description. You can also download the audio files for a small fee. It's perfect for if you are planning a vacation in London, or if you're doing a school project on the area. Take a look-see.

The link is

On another note, I went and saw Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A couple of colon movies (Please forgive the horrible pun).

NatM was very funny. Ben Stiller is really good at family comedies, and he proves it again here. It doesn't quite shine as well as the first one, but there are definitely some good laughs to be had, even for the adults. My main problems with the movie stemmed from great talent being completely wasted. Robin Williams is in the movie three times. Brad Garrett, less. Heck, Clint Howard got more screen time than Brad Garrett. Clint Howard! A lot of the characters from the first movie are downplayed to make room for a whole lot of new ones this go around, and it's kind of bad for the movie.

Good new characters, like General Custer and Amelia Earhart make up for it in spades, as well as the Bobble Head Einsteins (Played by Eugene Levy). And all in all, the movie may not be extremely exciting until there's only a half hour to go, but that last half an hour has enough action to make up for it. Also, props to whoever decided to put Amy Adams in aviator pants. That guy deserves a Bud Light: Real Men of Genius commercial.

Wolverine was also kick ass. I only have a few things to say about this as far as what I disliked. First off, who did the special effects? There's one scene where Wolverine walks away from an explosion and it looks like someone photoshopped the explosion in behind him. Second off...Deadpool had better be much different in his own movie than he turns out to be in this one. While it was a good final confrontation for Wolverine and's not really Deadpool and they better not keep him that way. Otherwise, the movie rocked my effing socks off. Not quite Star Trek or Dark Knight good...but one of the best movies of the summer, guaranteed.

Doc out (again)

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