Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why So Mysterious?

I love how everyone and their dog is looking at that concept art for the new Zelda game and overanalyzing it, as if it's got hidden meanings in it like a Cloverfield poster or a viral website for the Dark Knight or something. I figured out what the poster really is, folks, and I'm ready to share this priviledged information with you.

It's a picture of Link, standing in front of some weird person we won't know the identity of until the game gets closer and Nintendo gives us more detail.

However, there is one thing to take notice. Link's shield is in his left hand, meaning his right hand is going to wield the sword again, meaning this is going to have Wii Motion Plus in it. But that's really the only thing you could get out of that poster as far as hidden meanings go. I doubt Nintendo even thought that was going to be a secret, let alone one that they would want to secretly reveal in a promotional concept art poster.

So lets all stop playing Columbo here. It's just the kid in the tunic. In front of the weird guy.

Thats it.

Doc Out

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