Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Canadian Health Care System, as described by a Canadian.

I was flipping through some of my favorite updating sites earlier this morning. At www.licd.com home of the webcomic, Least I Could Do, Ryan Sohmer (The creator of the comic) wrote this in the feed below the comic. It is a unabashed and unbiased review of the Canadian Healthcare Plan that President Obama hopes to emulate.

Here's a link to the feed- www.licd.com.

Be sure to head over there soon, so you don't miss it. It's titled, Canadian Health Care.

I'm half French Canadian, and my aunt is a doctor. Two years ago, she gave me a description of the Canadian Health Care plan that was so similar to Sohmer's that I wondered if they hadn't met and discussed it over coffee or something (both are from Quebec). Free Med Care doesn't mean jack shit if you have to pay for arbitrary little things like Doctors' Notes (or as I called them in High School, Get out of Jail Free Cards) and have to be patient with a serious ailment for five hours while you wait for the jackhole hypochondriac who made it in before you to get his stubbed toe diagnosis.

If Obama has his way, we might as well start calling them Get Out of Jail for a Hamilton cards.

Doc Out.

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