Thursday, November 25, 2010


I get screwed over a lot in life. Mostly by myself. So much so, that I view the times my life screws up by some outside force not being myself as a good thing rather than the terrible thing that it actually is.

I'm a glass half full guy.

This is my life, though, it's what I have made it. I blame none but myself for the way I've turned out or the way my life unfolds. There isn't some secret organization designed to ruin me. There isn't some arch nemesis on the constant search for my displeasure (except perhaps my manager).

I've come to the conclusion that life goes on, until it ends, which is something that we all understand differently.

For me, what that means is that it doesn't matter if I become rich and famous for the book I'm writing. Would I like that? Yes, I'd be overjoyed. But even if it only gets me through the life I'm living, even if it doesn't do that, I will be happy just to say I took the plunge.

I can admit these things, but I can't quit smoking. The world's a funny place.

Doc out.

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