Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's All Go to the Land Down Undah

I was reading through some tripe that a website was trying to pass off as news when a genuinely wonderful article caught my eye. It spoke about the President (or whatever) of Australia declining the Muslims request for a national holiday. His reasoning for it was basically that Australia was a primarily Christian nation and was founded as such. He went on to inform Muslims that they would obviously not be hindered in celebrating their own holy days, and they were not being discriminated against, and if they did not like this arrangement then they had the option of leaving Australia.

As a christian I believe that it's important to respect people, even the ones that I don't agree with (AKA, the ones who are wrong). I also believe that there is a time to lay down the law. It's a matter of reverse discrimination. If I make fun of a Muslim for their culture, or if I tell a Hispanic person that he/she needs to learn English, for chrissake, then I am being prejudice and racist. But a minority can point fingers and laugh all he wants at a white guy or a christian without any repercussions. This is just as racist and wrong as discriminating against minorites.

So I give a big shout out to the Big Man Down Under for making a call that our leaders here in the States apparently don't have the balls to make, Congratulations.

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